- The facilty is located along the canal Scarpe, and separated in two buildings, on the left, the mill, and on the left, the storage building.

-We are using the hydraulic power of the river.

In the storage building, there is the wheat unloading facility, the reception bins with a global capacity of 1400 tons of wheat, the wheat conditioning and washing circuit, and the wheat blending machines.


The wheat conditioning and cleaning circuit is made of :

Machine de nettoyage combinée

- Magnets

- Combi-cleaner MTKB : Four cleaning operations combined in a single machine: Separator for grading according to size, Concentrator for sorting according to specific gravity, Destoner for removing stones, and Aspirator for eliminating dust and low-density matter.


- Scourer: For the surface treatment of wheat and rye for removing adhering dirt and impurities such as dust, sand, earth clots, insect fragments, etc.

- Drum Screen: For precleaning granular and floury bulk materials in grain mills, storage elevators (silos) and other installations of the food processing industry. For removing coarse impurities such as pieces of straw, strings, paper, etc

Brosse à blé

Système d'humidification du blé

- an intensive wheat conditionner

- a wheat brush

- Automatic Moisture Control MYFA : The MYFA automatic moisture control unit ensures precise, continuous measurement and control of the grain moisture.

- As soon as the wheat is conditioned, it will wait 24 hours before being sent to the mill.
- The mill is located in the second building, and has a grinding capacity of 160 tons of wheat in 24 hours.

The grinding diagram consist of:

- 3 buffer silos

- 6 Bülher roller Mills MDDL/MDDK: For grinding grain into flour, semolina and bran.

Appareil à cylindres cannelés


- 3 Plansifters

For sifting mealy and floury materials and for sorting various granular materials.

Other machines like :Bran Finisher Drum Detacher – Impact Detacher - safesty plansifters...

- Additives dosers managed like all the machines of the plant, by an automat with a pc interface



- 2 bran bins with a capacity of 100 tons

The bran is used by the animal food industry

The flour is sent from the mill, back in the storage building

- 18 bins of flour, for a global capacity of 600 tons

- A storage capacity of 500 tons in bags

- An automatic bagging line

- 2 loading facilities in bulk

- a blending machine


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