The flours "La Pastelière" propose quality flours, making genuine traditional french baguettes, adapted to your baking process.

Developed with only one objective: taste; the receipes of the flours "La Pastelière" do not forget the work of the baker by proposing flours of "french tradition" or flours with acid: Pastelière and Pastelane


The flour for bagette of French Tradition, "La Pastelière" uses the best wheat varieties, learnedly mixed to give you the maximum of taste, with a traditional and practical manufacturing process. "La Pastelière" the genuine taste of the french baguette

The flour for baguette "La Pastelane" has been made for those which want the taste and the appearance of a flour of tradition, with the process of manufacture of a bagette with acid. "La Pastelane" will awake the papillae of your customers!



The flour for bagette and bread “Pastelière Chicory" is made of two treasures of the soil of France, to offer you to a baguette of character, a delight for amateurs of strong savours , and by those who are concerned with their health. Very rich in bifidogen fibres, "La Pastelière Chicory" is the bread for your health and vitality.


Here is a sample of our other flours:

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