-  In order to progress towards a greater quality and a greater food safety, the Artesienne de Minoterie Ltd, has developed relations of partnership between it and the farmer (agricultural cooperatives or traders).

- We sign contacts with them for a regular provisioning of specific wheat varieties.

- In counterpart, the coorperatives have to make their farmer adhere to an organism which is regularly checking their farming follow-up procedures ( list of the fields, certified seeds, farming follow-up recorded, for instance: plant health manures and protection, respect of the environment,rejection of muds of station of purification, list of the approved products......).

To approve the respect of the rules, an independant company is auditing the mill and the cooperatives, in that case several farmers are designated randomly, (checking of the follow-ups of wheat, traceability of the formulations, checking of the hygiene and the safety of the mill....)

Here at Artesienne de Minoterie Ltd, we wish to answer each customer's request.

Thus, you can decide of your own wheat blending recipes, or we can suggest one which will fit with your needs.

For a couple of years, the need of our customers on food safety has became critical, that is the reason why we have archived HACCP and GMP.

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