Our job is to manufacture starting from wheat, produced by nature; the flour and bran the best adapted to each customer, these products must be safe for users and manufactured in the purest respect of the environment.

We had already set up a quality system which enables us to have the traceability of all our wheat and to control their farming follow-up. Reasoned agriculture is essential to obtain products which fit to our qualitative requests (proteins, state plant health…) in respect with our environment.

That is the reason why, in order to formalize the actions already carried out in the company and to continue to progress in these fields, our will is to engage a permanent process.

Engaged in the control of food safety, we obtained in September of this year 2003 certification HACCP (production, conditioning, storage and delivery out of bags and bulk for the wheat flours, mixture containing cereals and other products of grinding for the human consumption) and certification GMP (production, conditioning, storage and delivery out of bags and bulk for bran and other products of grinding for the animal feeds). Allotted by Lloyds Register Quality Limited Insurance, they are an essential stage towards a better management of our process of quality and food safety. With regard to environmental management (on the basis of reference frame ISO 14001), we continue our efforts to prepare the future.

Our objectives are:

- To improve the sorting of waste and the dies of their elimination.

- To identify and respect the lawful obligations and master agreements.

- To preserve our landscape inheritance.

- To improve continuously the environmental performances of the site.

- To multiply the points of control on the processed flour, mix and bran to fill in a way even more precise the requirements requested at the time of the visits of biannual follow-up certification.

- To keep upgrading the skills of the workforce on quality and food safety steps.

As the CEO of the company, I assume the responsibility for our systems of environmental management and HACCP and GMP helped by our head miller Mr Franck Létienne as well as accountant Mr Patrick Létienne, and my son Mr Matthieu Tartar.

Quality, safety the environment and the productivity are challenges for all of the members of the company. The improvements of our performances will need the implication and the efforts of each and every one of us.

Martine Tartar
Le 01/11/2003

Artesienne de Minoterie Ltd- Rue du Moulin - 62490 Vitry en Artois -France